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      Used Porsche 911

      Genuine Porsche

      Throughout the history of the Porsche line of vehicles, there has been a common thread among all vehicle lines. A genuine Porsche mixes ergonomics, functionality and design on interior controls to please every driver. The exterior of every Porsche is maximized for aerodynamics and performance to prevent high fuel costs or oversized engines. You can find a genuine Porsche from the past 50 years by perusing the inventory here at Victorymotorcars.

      Your search for vehicles like the 1977 Porsche 911 S coupe will reveal nothing but genuine Porsches. Every car purchased by us has a history devoid of major accidents or repair issues. Our sales staff works to procure original documents and logs kept by the original owners to reassure potential buyers like you.

      Genuine Porsche Parts Maintained by Victorymotorcars

      Our popular dealership works hard in order to give you genuine Porsche cars. The 1977 S coupe has features like power windows and a power sunroof that are maintained to peak performance by our experienced engineers. The 17-inch alloy wheels and chrome trim throughout the coupe are polished on a regular basis to give it a fresh sheen. The smallest details do not skip past our attentive staff, including window cleanings in the rear swing-out panels and on the sporty windshield.

      Once you ease into a genuine Porsche, you will never want to get out. The air-cooled engine produces 165 horsepower that can be steadied by a responsive cruise control. A rear spoiler cuts down on wind sheer, while the 5-speed manual lets you get comfortable as you get up to speed. To purchase one of these fine pieces of machinery, please contact us today through email or by phone at 713-783-6555 or 713-408-6612.


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      Porsche Performance Parts

      "At Victorymotorcars we work hard for your trust and your business."


      For the best in vintage Porsche automobiles please browse through our listings.


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