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      Used Porsche 911

      Porsche Spyder

      The cost of a classic automobile is derived from a number of factors. The historic popularity of the vehicle lingers over objective measurements like the number of vehicles produced and the condition of a vehicle during an appraisal. Your desire to buy a vehicle like the Porsche Spyder must be equaled by your willingness to perform an extensive search and open your coffers for competitive bids.

      If you are apprehensive about the quality of Porsche dealers online, you should turn to Victory Motorcars. The inventory of vehicles offered by our Houston-based dealership includes classic cars like the 1955 Porsche Spyder. Customer concerns about the maintenance, restoration and preparation of classic cars for purchase are eased by the experienced personnel here at Victory Motorcars.

      The Classic Automotive Style of the Porsche Spyder

      This commitment to customer care is apparent in the performance and handling of the 1955 Porsche Spyder. The manual transmission couples with the 4-cylinder engine to produce over 100 horsepower. Features under the hood include an oil cooler that prevents overheating and a dual Weber carburetor that is durable over thousands of miles. While this version of the Spyder is not equipped with airbags, it does feature reliable front disc brakes.

      Porsche's design aesthetic is one of the areas where your investment will pay off. Your friends will be impressed with the Spyder's chrome rims that take you back to a purer era in automobile design. The Nardi wood steering wheel also adds a clever touch to the interior design of this used automobile. To get your hands on one of these works of art, feel free to contact us by phone at 713-783-6555 or 713-408-6612, or via email.


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      "At Victorymotorcars we work hard for your trust and your business."


      For the best in vintage Porsche automobiles please browse through our listings.


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